Sunday, August 14, 2011

Wheat - week 16

Last week we harvested half the north field. We took two bundles to experiment with and spent a lot of time figuring out the best way to get the wheat berries off the stalk. (Post will follow later - I promise.)

I left the rest of the cut wheat in bundles out in the field to dry. They looked nice and orderly out there. Well, last night a huge storm came through. I saw the dark clouds and immediately worried about our crop. We gathered the bundles into the wheel barrow and tucked them away in the garage just in time.

As we were about to sit down to dinner, the storm kicked into gale-force winds. My hubby yells, "There goes the neighbors barn - oh no! The horse." He tore out of the house like my mother running from a snake while I grabbed my boots (they look stylin' with the shorts) and went out the basement door. Luckily the wheat eatin' horse was okay, but the poor barn lost two sections of her roof. Can you see it there - in the distance?


One section busted through the goat's pen and took out our orderly hay stack. Crazy. The other flew up and over the horse's pen. It's a good thing too. There were nails sticking out every where. We had to pick up splintered 2x4s this morning. There is no doubt in my mind that, if it had hit an animal or person, it would have killed them. The metal edge alone could have done some major damage. Thankfully we were all safe, including the animals.

I felt blessed and then I saw this:


Can you see that huge piece of roof? Can you see how it landed in our north wheat field? Can you see how it landed on THE PART ALREADY HARVESTED? It is such a miracle I wonder if we have angels in our wheat field. I don't say that mockingly. When things as wild as that wind storm happen, and you come away protected to the nth degree, you know the Lord is watching over you. I just didn't know he was watching over our wheat too.


Kathi Oram Peterson said...

I wonder if that was the same storm that hit the Bear Lake area. We were attending a family reunion there and in the middle of the night we had to load the boat because the winds were so bad. It was quite a night.

So glad you listened to that prompting to get your crop in. Sorry about the barn. But how blessed you were that no one was hurt.

Christina said...

Thanks Kathi,
I feel so blessed. I hope the boat was okay!