Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wheat - week 6

Tragedy struck this week. Tragedy in the form of a copper-colored horse.

Goldie got out.

She’s been happily helping us keep the weeds to a minimum for the last three weeks; but the sweet, dew covered wheat was just too much to resist for a horse. After all, the wheat does look like scrumptious grass at this point.


I can’t blame her too much for her indiscretion. I can, however, throw her dirty looks every now and again and I survey the cropped tops of my pet project.


On a side note – we still have kittens if you are interested. Please save them from the overwhelming love that is my two (almost three) year old daughter. You can email me at

1 comment:

Melissa Dymock said...

If only I didn't live in an apartment. By the way, you better get that wheat going. I'm counting your food storage as my own.