Saturday, May 21, 2011

Wheat - week 3

Here we are in week three of our big wheat experiment. We have sprouts in both fields.

North field:


Here's a close look at the shoots.


Here's the south field:


If you ask me, it looks spotty. I'm wondering if we need to reseed because of all the rain. Sometimes seeds can rot if they get too wet for too long. They need both sunshine and water to grow. Since today is a sunny day, we are going to wait and see what comes up.

In the mean time, here is our bumper crop for the year.


Can you see all those kittens? There are 10 - yep 10. (If you'd like one - or five - let me know.)


The kids have held them, love them and exclaimed, "They're so tchute!" enough that the kittens are very friendly. Just like their moms.


They are also used to dogs.


This little guy tugs at my heart. He is the runt and his mom tried to abandon him. So I snuck him in with another litter and he made it. I noticed he walks a little funny though. One of his back legs doesn't move as fast as the other. Roo says he'd her cutest kitty.



kbrebes said...

Very sweet! Good luck with your wheat!

Jill Kemerer said...

Oh my! Those are the cutest pictures--kittens and kids!! And what a view of the mountains. Gorgeous!

I would take 5, or all 10, of the kittens if my husband wouldn't kill me. I adore cats!

Thanks for making me smile!