Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A is for Abinadi Blog Tour

I'm always looking for a fun book for my kids. While most of mine are too old for an alphabet reader, A is for Abinadi is perfect for my 7 yo and 5 yo because it reminds them of the stories they hear in primary and Family Home Evening.


Each letter of the alphabet has a corresponding prophet, scripture story, or scriptural personage and a short paragraph summarizing that person's goals, lessons, or teachings. For example, Q is for Queen Esther, K is for King Benjamin, and H is for Hannah. 


My kids loved looking at the pictures and talking about what was happening in each one. They enjoyed naming things on each page that also started with that letter. On the E is for Eve page, there is also an elephant with an earring that had my daughter in a fit of giggles.

I would recommend this book, not only as a alphabet reader but as a way to familiarize young children with scripture stories. You can pick up a copy by clicking here

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