Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Jingle Bell Bum

My month of Christmas story reviews continues with...

Okay, this one struck a cord with me. I have a soft spot for those who stand on street corners with cardboard signs. I know their lives are a lot tougher than mine. It doesn't matter to me if the reason they are alone and homeless is because of choices they made, or because of an illness they suffer through, or because they served our country and were damaged physically and/or psychologically by the things they experienced, or just because. I look at them and see a child of God who is hurting and I am often reminded that we are all beggars before Christ.

From Amazon:

Joseph was a shabby imitation of Santa Clause with his Salvation Army kettle in front of a K-Mart, but what no one could have guessed was that Joseph was a miracle waiting to happen. This inspiring Christmas story tells the true tale of how a group of teenage carolers changed the life of a down-and-out bum. A moving   and unforgettable read!

You know, my family has a tradition of dipping chocolates every year that started when my Grandma Joyce became Primary President. They would dip chocolates for Christmas as their yearly fundraiser. I'll have to ask her if they ever sold them outside of department stores. This story made me curious to know how the group distributed their product. 

In all, I found it an excellent read. The writing was superb. I think it is one of the best written booklets out there this season. Click here to pick up a copy. You can also visit the author's web site where she shares hilarious stories of Christmas's gone wrong. 

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