Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Now that's a problem

Every story has to have a problem to make it interesting. No one wants to read about the guy romancing the girl and she falls happily in love and they live forever in a state of innocent bliss.

And why not? Because deep down we know that if we don't face and overcome challenges we can't grow. We want to gain strength from reading about other people, albeit fictional people, and their ability to face the un-face-able and come off conquering.

If they can do it, by darn it, so can we!

What types of problems can your hero face? Here's a quick list:
Life/safety, relationship, freedom, self respect, control, hardship, justice or lack of it, old secrets, odd events, hardships, loss, threat of loss, acceptance, and family issues.

Does your hero have a problem? Can you give him/her more than one?

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