Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wizard Party

Wizards of Waverly Place Poster

The wonderful Wizards of Waverly place finally had their Family Wizard Competition. My family just grew into these fun Disney shows and the kids were all wound up about the finally.

In a moment of brilliant madness I suggested we throw a wizard party. The kids were over the moon with the idea; however, they left the majority of the planning up to me. (Colkie did check out a book from the school library on birthday parties the day OF the party.)

I wanted to create a magical atmosphere. This couldn't be the regular Friday night movie and popcorn. It needed to be special.

DSC_2940Thankfully, I had a die-cut machine to help me cut out over 100 stars which we hung all over the entry way and front room.

Here's a look at some. I also lit candles all over the top of the fireplace. When the lights were out they cast a very nice glow.

I told the kids they could invite a few friends over. To make their arrival even more fun, I hung this banner in the entry way. The kids loved it!

DSC_2942 To finish off the party look I added some Christmas lights. I lined the entry way floor with them as well as hung some from one end of the room to the other right over the couch. Then I hung stars from everything with thin thread.

Don't you just love how pretty this looks?

With the decorations finished, I set to work on the food. I made some ball cookies and star-shaped succors and used left over Christmas candy to fill glass jars. (Ignore the dishes in the sink :-)

Lastly, since the Wizards own a sub shop on Waverly Place, I served subs and chips for dinner. There were no complaints from my little wizards about the food.

For just a little extra fun, I put up this chart. Everyone had a chance to guess who they thought the family wizard would be before we started the show. As you can see, I was the only one who rooted for Max - I've always rooted for the underdog. Colkie was the only one who went with Alex (with her dark hair and brown eyes I think he was a bit smitten.) Bug and the others voted for Justin because, "He worked the hardest and knew the most." Ha, see where that got him? (I won't give it away...)DSC_2943

It was a magical evening and it turned what would have been an ordinary weekend into something the kids looked forward to and are still talking about. Keep a look out for another random party idea - I'm sure I'll find one soon.

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The Funny Farm said...

We love that show too!! What a fun night, I'm jealous