Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Busy as a Christmas Elf

I was busy as a Christmas Elf the Monday and Tuesday before Christmas. I found that I love having Christmas on a Sunday. The week before Christmas is longer than any other year. It gave me enough time to get my own projects done and even offer my sewing services to my neighbor.  

These were my last minute project. My hubby got a ski vest for an incredible deal at demo-days. He wears it constantly and my boys were all drooling over his new found fashion sense. I can't blame them, he does look good.

I looked over his jacket and decided I could make them for the kids. It is the seamstresses Christmas curse that we spend every last moment sewing.

I was going to use this pattern:

Men and Boys Vests, Inspired by Project Runway
However, they were out of them and so I had to punt. I took a pattern I had and adapted it to kids sizes. Even though it was more work and I had to fit the patterns to the kids; thus giving away a smidgen of the surprise, I think they turned out great.
Here they are all hanging in a row waiting for me to wrap them. It didn't take long. I was so very excited to get them under the tree.



Alex Earl said...

They looked very snappy on the boys. I even remarked to one of the boys at how good they looked in the vest.

Christina said...

Thanks Alex
BTW love your photo!