Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Cheese

I thought I was over this. I thought I'd had my fill last year. I thought I had watched so many Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel that I would be free from the pull this year.

'Fraid not.

This one looks really good! I missed the premiere night so I have my DVR already set for the rebroadcast. I will record it and watch it the next day when Hubby isn't in the room grumbling about missing a silly football game.

I think it is human nature to want things to turn out well. We all want to believe the best will happen for us and those we love. So the fact that every one of these shows comes out with a happy ending is perfect for the holiday season. Who wants to be depressed by a Christmas movie? I know I don't. I want a show that will renew my faith in people, spark a little romance, and possibly make my cry happy tears. (I did last night when I was watching one of the Mrs. Miracle shows.) Have you seen any good Christmas programs lately? Let me know when they are so I can set my DVR.

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