Friday, October 22, 2010

Petal Dress


First off, the reason this is on a hanger and not on Roo is that Roo hates all things dress or skirt lately. I'm not kidding or exaggerating. Last Sunday I goat-tied her into her dress and she screamed for the next twenty minutes until we left the house. Then she screamed in the car. Then she screamed for twenty minutes in the foyer at church. Then she passed out - exhausted by all that screaming.

So this beautiful petal dress has yet to be fitted to the proposed model. It was, however, a joy to make. I used 117 petals on the dress. I didn't have a pattern so I altered one. I took the skirt section of the dress and cut it into three inch strips. Then I sewed the petals to the strips and then sewed the strips back together. I stitched each petal with a light pink thread to add dimension. It still looked a little flat so I added the pink satin petals. I can't wait to wrestle her into it this Sunday.

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