Saturday, August 14, 2010

Unintentional Amateur Adventure

Sometimes, adventure pops up in your life – uninvited. That’s what happened to me and Emily this morning on our run.

Up for a little more of a challenge, we turned left at the stop sign and climbed the hill behind my house. Reaching the steep decline we decided (more EMILY wanted) to run down the hill and up the steep return. Alright, I’m up for a challenge.

We got three quarters of the way down when a teen-aged, punk skunk scurried from the bushes, darting across our path. Both of us jumped, grabbing onto the other for emotional support. In less time than it took to clamp our hands over our mouths to silence the initial screams, we were racing back the direction we came. Straight up hill at a sprint.

It’s hard to run up hill when you are laughing.

We finished our 2 1/2 mile run having only been sprayed by the neighbor’s sprinklers and counting our lucky stars that the skunk was more intent on crossing the road than protecting its territory.

Not an adventure I would go looking fact, I think I’ll lay off the steep hills for a while.