Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Pitching it

I got a phone call about a week ago from the PR Director at Cedar Fort Books. She asked if I would be willing to come to their annual Buyer's Dinner and pitch my Christmas Booklet, The Widow's Mite. I accepted the invitation despite the protests from that tiny center of my brain that sends out the fear impulse.

Ms. PR told me I could bring a date. I approached my hubby, "Hey Hon, I have this dinner to go to and I need to bring a date. It's between you and like, three other people."

His unfazed reply: "Just let me know."

I did end up taking him for two reasons. One, submitting the booklet was his idea in the first place; and two, he's great arm candy.

So dinner was catered by The Pizza Factory. They had all sorts of delicious pizzas, pastas, and salads; but I ate light. I couldn't resist nibbling a s'mores cookie, though I saved the rest for after my oration because I didn't want to have any cookies to loose when I got up there.

I grabbed a copy of my booklet and mentally clamped my arms around the giddy girl inside who wanted to jump up and down and sing a little ditty. I have to admit, seeing my name on the cover was intoxicating.

Second to last to present, I bounced my foot and tried not to drink too much water before my turn. (I didn't want to slosh my way to the podium.) When I did get up, my stomach stayed in place and my hands were steady (thanks for all your prayers.)

It went well and, as a whole, I feel the night was a success. I'd totally do it all again. Hopefully the buyer's thought the same thing. Watch your local, independent, LDS book store for The Widow's Mite due out at the end of September. If they don't have it, go ahead and request it at the store and they'll know how to get it.

Thanks for all your support everyone! Join me next week as I journey to the land of monsters in my quest for the spice of life.