Friday, July 23, 2010

Wake boarding - yeah I said wake boarding

Not usually the most adventurous person...this one was out of my comfort zone. There's just something about being pulled by a thin nylon rope, behind a high-powered boat, going at least twelve (stop snickering) miles an hour, with nothing between me and the surging waters below but a thin plastic board, that kind of freaks me out.

So we head out to deeper waters (on Utah Lake that's like...11 feet) looking for the glass that is wake boarding bliss. My hair flows behind me, my cute little cover up fluttered in the breeze and the sun warmed my skin causing me to pause and think, "Who needs to wake board? This is the life."

Alas, I was unable to beg off my turn and, after carefully twisting my hair in a bun so it could once again flow behind me, I dutifully strapped the board to my feet.

"I can do this, I can do this," I chanted as I paddled out to the end of the rope with shaking arms and quaking knees. Making minor adjustments I ran through the check list (courtesy of a wake boarding video my hubby made me watch 6 times): knees to my chest - check; arms on the outside of my knees - check; toes pulled up - check; butterflies - check. "HIT IT!"

I'm up, I'm up, pull handle to my waist and...I'm down. My less-than-graceful plummet ruined my hair. Ugh. So much for flowing in the wind - try sticking to my forehead. But, for two and a half seconds it was fun.

The boat swung around and before the butterflies had a chance to catch up to me we took off again. I did great until we hit some choppy water (about 30 seconds into my ride) and I'm down again.

"One more time?" I yelled to the driver. "You got it." He grinned back at me. That grin said it all. Crap - I'm hooked on this thrill.

My last try. I'm up, handle to waist, and I'm doing it! "Yeah Mom," Bug yelled from the boat and everyone else cheered too. My family is so supportive. I thought about giving a thumbs up sign but realized that would mean letting go. Hmmm. Not going to happen. I concentrated on looking at the boat; not the water that rushed beneath my board.

The grim, my life could end at any moment, determined line on my face with a smile. Glancing right I caught the orange-red blush of a perfect sunset. I let the bled of colors relax my mind and body. SMACK! I hit the water face/head first. Water rushed over my head - funny, the sunset is still pretty from under here. I surfaced at the same time the pain did. My head felt like I walked, well ran, into a wall. I guess I more fell into a wall at 12 miles an hour. (Stop snickering it really does seem fast) Ow.

While waiting for the boat I gingerly felt around for any permanent damage. No cuts, no bruises, no breaks. I'm fine. Well, except for the head ache. "OK I'm done." I yelled to the driver and yanked my feet out of the boots.

Done for the day. One crash isn't going to keep me from wake boarding again. I'm typing this the next day and, I pleased to say, all the aches I thought I'd have, never showed up. My neck is a little sore, but it's nothing a little icy/hot can't take care of. I bounced out of bed ready to continue on my quest.


slide said...

I've always wanted to try wake boarding. My biggest problem at this point is knowing someone with a boat :-)

Christina Dymock said...

Yeah- that is a problem.