Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Shedding Light on the Dark Side Blog Tour

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It is time to rip the mask from the master of deceit. 
Using the scriptures and modern revelation, Stephen Stirling defines who Satan is and what his role is on this earth. In a way that is engaging and perfect for youth to understand, he evaluates:
- What the scriptures say that Satan is and does
- Where Satan gets his power and why it influences us
- How to be better soldiers in the war Satan is waging on this world
We can overcome this deceiving yet unavoidably real being with the light of truth. The Prince of Peace holds the power to defeat the Prince of Darkness. The only question is where you will stand in this eternal battle of good and evil. Shedding Light on the Dark Side will help you understand the Adversary and his tactics so you can fearlessly stand on the Lord’s side.

My Thoughts

Though it's written for youth, I found the book engaging from the first page. The author's style is easy to follow, informative, and entertaining enough in subject to keep the reader engaged. 

One section of the book I found particularly interesting was his description of Satan's plan and how it was to go forth into the world. You see, I have long-since been frustrated with the explanation of the execution of Satan's plan as: he would force us to return to heaven. As a child and a young adult I couldn't wrap my head around the idea that one person could force another to do something against their will without using physical violence. It just didn't make sense. How do you force someone to be kind, read their scriptures, or honor their parents?

In quiet moments of pondering, I realized that the key to Satan's plan wasn't bending or forcing our will, but denying us a will. How is that possible? If we aren't taught right from wrong, good from evil, breaking commandment vs. keeping commandments, in short, if we weren't given commandments to choose to follow or choose to ignore, then there would be no law. If there was no law, there would be no consequence. If there was no consequence, then no one would be punished for doing evil and all would receive the same glory in heaven.


If were were not given law, then we would not be tested. If we were not tested, we could not prove ourselves and therefore wouldn't earn glory or salvation. If we weren't to receive a kingdom of glory then who would? Satan would receive the glory and honor and we would be left with little more than we had when we entered this earth life.

Stirling takes this thought and breaks it down, siting scriptural and latter-day prophet quotes and references that explain the whole process in greater detail. There are several other sections that I enjoyed mentally digesting. I was grateful that I read the book and felt as though my understanding was enlarged. 

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