Friday, May 3, 2013

Epic Tales of a Misfit Hero


This was a fun book to review for two reasons. 

One: I enjoy a good coming of age story as much as the next reader. 
Two: I have an 11-year-old who is about to turn 12! (Scary, I know!)

What I loved while reading this book is seeing some of my own son's worries reflected in the main character, Andrew. Getting the Aaronic Priesthood is a big step for a young man and, just like Andrew, my kid is a bit nervous. That's why I'm going to get him his own copy of this book. He'll see that other kids, like him, are struggling through the same issues. 

Here's the back cover:

From passing the sacrament with his fly down to failing miserably at capture the flag, Andrew knows he'll never be able to fulfill his duties as a deacon. But when tragedy strikes on his Boy Scout backpacking trip, Andrew's whole troop must become stronger than they ever imagined. This hilarious coming-of-age story is bound to have you rooting for a misfit hero!

Final Thoughts

Isn't that what we all felt like when we were 12 - misfits? No one feels like they fit in and they feel awkward and just plain off when they try. However, as every mom on the planet will tell you, a 12-year-old is full of potential! As moms we see what we know our kids can become, just like Andrew is capable of being more and doing more than he thinks he can. All it takes is a little nudge to get them there. 

If you'd like to pick up a copy here's the link.

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