Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Chapter 13: What Kind of Christian are You? Take the Test

Christians in America are spread out among those who are departing, feeling adequate, hesitating, and laboring (understanding there are very few who are latent). These Christians—meaning all Christians—move along a continuum based upon the exercising of faith unto works in an often erratic and volatile way. There may be a time when a Christian is inactive and disillusioned only to be inspired by a life-changing event that increases their faith towards becoming a more active Christian. Conversely, there may be a time when a Christian is active and faithful only to lose motivation and interest in life towards becoming a more inactive and indolent Christian.

The question of “are you a Christian?” now becomes irrelevant and is replaced by “what kind of Christian are you?”The Christian community can eliminate the judgmental spirit of deciding who is a Christian and who is not by moving to a more useful and productive dialogue of where believers are along the Christian Continuum.


To accomplish this author Eric Shuster developed a unique exercise that accurately categorizes individuals into one of the five Christian types (Departing, Adequate, Hesitant, Laboring and Latent). The exercise contains 32 simple questions divided into three parts, all of which are answered on a scale of 1 to 5:

Part One of the exercise evaluates individuals on a primary set of five attributes relating to belief (or faith). If the participant is not a Believing Christian then the test is concluded.
Part Two of the exercise evaluates individuals on a secondary set of Believing Christian attributes. The eleven attributes in part two measure the depth of belief using tenets that are closely associated with faith in Christ and support the belief system of the Christian.

Part Three of the exercise evaluates individuals on a set of Practicing Christian attributes. The sixteen attributes in part three measure the degree to which the individual is a Practicing Christian ranging from weak to strong.

After completing the exercise the scores are added up on two different axes:  1) the Believing attributes on the vertical axis (or the y axis from your high school math days) and 2) the Practicing attributes on the horizontal axis (or the x axis). The simple calculation and plot shows the participant exactly where they are on the continuum at the time of the exercise. Readers can use the manual form provided in the book or immediately complete the exercise and discover what type of Christian they are at

The remainder of chapter 13 is dedicated to helping the reader interpret the results, along with an enlightening exercise of charting the five Christian denominations discussed in chapter 7 onto the Christian Continuum—an revealing exercise you won’t want to miss.

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