Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tighten up your writing - Week 3

We are in our third week of searching out those specific words that give us trouble. This week, let's look at a wishy-washy word.

Oh, the word!

"It seemed out of character for Fara to flirt."

"Well was it or wasn't it? Make up your mind!" says my beady-eyed, internal editor. Oh, here's another one.

"It seemed like she had a hard time sharing her feelings."

That's telling not showing. Paint the picture.

"Fara chewed on her lip and twisted the program in her delicate hands. She opened her mouth, shutting it again before she embarrassed herself."

When I see the word seemed pop up in my WIP, I know I'm telling the reader something that I could be showing them. Showing the reader, allows them to get to know my character and believe it. The difference is second-hand gossip versus a personal account.

Do you have a wishy-washy word? Feel free to share it because sometimes we don't recognize them until someone points them out.

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