Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Do you write to music? I admit, I can't. I mean, I would like to and periodically try to; but in the end I click it off because I LOVE, did I mention LOVE?, silence.

It is in the silence that I hear voices. Voices that argue and love and search for truth. Voices that inspire and echo and drive me to write. If there is music in the background, my brain does it's own little funky monkey and I hear nothing.

Now editing is a whole other side of the brain. I can rock out while throwing in commas and taking out passive statements like you wouldn't believe. Somehow, I'm able to tune down or focus in on the task at hand to any number of musical selections as long as I'm picking something apart.

How about you, does music stimulate your creativity or shut down your laugh factory? Do share...

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Eva said...

I can't do anything while listening to music. If the music is there it requires my full attention. Either that or it just becomes noise and heaven knows I don't need anymore of that around here.