Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am so excited! LTUE starts tomorrow and I am going to be there.

Let me just tell you why I LOVE going to writers' conferences. I spend the majority of my writing time alone. Okay, all my writing time.
(Amended: I have children around, but I don't count them.)
As in, no other people around who cares one whit about what I do. This is what makes published writers so awe inspiring in my grey-blue eyes. They have to push themselves everyday to finish something no other person on the planet cares about. Then they have to convince other people to believe in it (and them) enough to put it out there for the general populace.
No matter how much a person loves writing, it can be and is an exercise in enduring to the end. And boy is it tough. Especially since I am an extrovert.
Writing conferences give me the opportunity to bond with fellow word lovers. It widens my view from a pinpoint on my computer screen to an auditorium full of prospective authors who care about what they do and about what I do.
Can't wait!

Find LTUE info by clicking here.

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