Saturday, April 30, 2011

Coupon Advice

I planned out my coupon trip this week for a Tuesday night. I found a place (Ridley's) in Orem that does double coupons on Tuesdays - how can I pass that up?
I didn't have enough coupons to really stock up on any one thing, but I did get a few of several items that my family will use. So that's hint number one: only buy what your family will use. One woman complained that when she couponed for a summer she ended up with 17 frostings and what would she ever do with 17 frostings? My question was, why did you buy them if you won't use them?
I watched another Extreme Couponing and there were single girls with no children stocking up on diapers for the future. I guess I can see that one, but really, why not save the money now? (Not to mention the closet space - or the way seeing 300 diapers must freak out any singe male you bring in the house.)
Hint number two: have a limit. The idea behind couponing is that you match up your coupons with the discounted price to pay the least amount of money possible for each item. That's great and it works wonders and I will do that every day of the week. But this time, I went through each isle in search of items that my coupons would drastically reduce. It worked. I got carpet cleaner for .70 cents and mustard for .08. I also scored lipstick and nail polish for .12 cents each. These things weren't on my list, but they were so cheap I couldn't pass them up. Having a limit made it easy for me to pass by things that I may have been tempted on, but weren't a screamin' deal.
For the day, my total before coupons was $86.78 and my total after coupons was $43.22. That's a savings of 49.8%. Not bad for a couple hours of work. When you look at time spent matching ads, printing coupons and in the store, I made  $10.89 an hour. With the price of gas going up on a daily basis, any money I save at the grocery store helps cancel out the highway robbery at the tank.

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