Sunday, January 23, 2011

A start is born - ha ha ha

The things I do for this blog!

Last Saturday I put on my good pair of jeans, a black T-shirt and some chunky jewelry and headed out for my first ever movie audition.

The LDS church will be filming scenes from the New Testament nearby. My mom called to tell me they are looking for extras and I thought it would be a kick in the pants to be a part of the project. I mean, how cool would it be for my kids to be sitting in seminary, their teacher pops in a New Testament video and...there’s Mom!?! Besides the fact that I think the whole thing would be an awesome experience.

(I just noticed I used the words “cool” and “awesome” in that paragraph. Perhaps I am channeling starlet dreams from my childhood.)

Signing up was fairly easy. With no previous experience, except acting classes in the 6th grade, I really didn’t have that much to fill out. Now I just had to wait for audition night.
The closer it got the more excited I was. Even if I didn’t get a part (I was only looking for something like: woman leaning against wall) I could sock away the experience for possible use in my writing.

They held auditions in a church across from L. E. Stadium. I was late (thanks to construction on I-15) but still made it before they locked the doors for the night. After taking several pictures - headshot, profile, other profile – and filling out personal information – really personal; height, weight, hair/eye color etc. – I was escorted to a classroom and asked to say a few things in front of a camera. Then it was over.

I hadn’t been nervous, but my life’s ambitions aren’t founded in acting. I could see others (mostly males, there was only one other woman there besides me) were pacing, muttering their lines (or cussing – not sure) under their breath. All in all, it was totally radical (and just a little bodacious.) I’ll let you know if I got the part.

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Becky Jane said...

Cool! Awesome! My daughter Sarah also auditioned! Maybe you can carpool! Good luck!