Wednesday, September 15, 2010

May the force be with you!

Rub was invited to his first ever friend Birthday party this week. When the invitation arrived, it came with a dose of inspiration (or the force - whatever.)


I knew I could make a Darth Vader cape for the lucky little birthday boy, even though I had never attempted one before. I trusted in the midicalorians (so not sure I spelled that right) and set to work.

First I cut the material to length. Then I cut a hood on the fold. I surged the top of the hood together. Then I gathered the cape, attaching it to the hood. After surging all the raw edges, I added a strip of Velcro at the neck. I thought about using ribbon or biased tape for a tie, but they seemed more of a choking hazard than a Velcro strip. I also made sure to put the soft side of the Velcro facing the skin so it wouldn’t be scratchy.

The finished product was a balance in the force: a passable Vader cape and a happy Rub!