Monday, June 24, 2013

Teaching the Book of Mormon Blog Tour


When it comes to teaching the Book of Mormon, getting as many ideas as possible is essential. There's no one way to teach every type of learner. For example, I have one child who is a visual learner. If he can't see it, he doesn't get it. Then I have another who can read a chapter (at the speed of light) and understand everything. He's bored with diagrams and charts. Thankfully, Teaching the Book of Mormon has a plethora of ideas and teaching tools so that every child in the family can gain something from our family scripture study. 

I also really liked the way that the authors took time to liken the scriptures to everyday life. It wasn't just about explaining what was on the page, the book talks about how that page can affect your life. It also has a lot of questions to stimulate discussions as well as attention grabbing activities.

The thing is, I love reading/studying the Book of Mormon. It brings peace to my otherwise crazy life. Seriously, if you feel stretched too thin and like you're about to break into a gazillion little pieces; then you should start every day with scripture study. It's like super glue for life. I hope to instill that love and peace in my children and I believe this book will help accomplish that.

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